Thursday, January 8, 2015

From the CF corner

From the CF corner

Shortly after Kaitlyn and I got back from our month long beach excursion, we geared up for another huge adventure. Kaitlyn was so lucky to have been granted a wish by a local wish foundation, Magic Moments. By granting one of Kaitlyn's many wishes, they sent our family on a 6 day vacation aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise ship. This was our children's first experience with Disney and they were very excited. Magic Moments also helped Kaitlyn receive her very first American Girl Doll, with matching pajamas.  We were so thankful that Kaitlyn's health was cooperative and no health issues hindered us from leaving.

   Though we were a little sleep deprived because of our early flight to Miami, the kids were all smiles and bouncing around the airport.

Unfortunately, I forgot to pack a few crucial medicines for Kaitlyn. So, while my awesome husband had his own adventure finding the medicines in Miami, the kids and I hung out at the Miami airport.

Kaitlyn was so excited to meet some of her favorite Disney characters. Magic Moments did such a wonderful job making her feel special and helping her meet a variety of princesses.

Kaitlyn and her brothers were so excited to visit Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. They loved the novelty of visiting another country. 

  Towards the end of our trip, the wish foundation made it possible for us to meet the captain and Mickey in a private photo session. I am so thankful that Kaitlyn was able to have so many wishes granted through just one experience. These organizations are truly amazing and help make children with such burdens feel normal and cherished.

  Since our November cruise, Kaitlyn's health has been great, considering it being the winter. All CF families have to worry about the many viruses and bacteria spread during the season. With a weakened immune system, it makes CF patients an easy target and can cause a domino effect once a virus starts to attack their system. Her December appointment was great and gave us hope. Her lung function, that is typically on a slow decline, is now slowly getting better. We are so thankful for her medical team and for all of the prayers from our friends and family. She has been out of the hospital for 5 months and is still continuing to improve.


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  1. Hello there! I just wanted to you let you know that I've officially added your blog to the CF blogroll (in the "Parents & Spouses" category), and to apologize that it took me SO long to do so. I had a bunch of add requests right at the beginning of the year as my life took a bit of a turn for the crazy, so I'm just getting caught up on those! It's so nice to "meet" you, and I'm glad your daughter had such a lovely Wish experience!