Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stories Of The Beach Life: Ch.1 Beauty & the Beach

At the Beach

  As some of you may know, Kaitlyn and I are trialing a month at the beach, in hopes to help her lung condition. We have heard about other CF children experiencing great benefits with breathing in the salty air. With this past year being so hard on her, we decided to try it ourselves. Sept-Nov are always her worst months, making it the best time to try a change in scenery.

  For most people, a month at the beach would sound like paradise. Not for Kaitlyn. When it comes to sand, it was hate at first sight. And what is more abundant down here? SAND! After a few hours of school work, and her mandatory hour (by me) at the beach, Kaitlyn is itching to jump into the pool. Her favorite part of this experiment? the pool with her scuba gear. Her least favorite part of this experiment? missing her brothers and dad. What fun is the beach and pool without her brothers here to enjoy it with her? And most of the vacationers down here do not have kids with them.

After being stuck inside for a few days due to a severe ear infection and stormy weather, Kaitlyn was excited to get back to the beach Tuesday evening. She also found out that she didn't mind the sand so much, especially while she is playing sand monster or hunting for sea shells & sand dollars. 

    I had hoped that with a month at the beach, I could really catch up on some scrapbooking. With this in mind, I printed off hundreds of pictures and packed up tons of crafting supplies. But is reality ever what we expect it to be? After 2-3 hrs of school work, 2-3 hrs of meds and breathing treatments,  2-3 hrs of running with Kaitlyn down to the beach and pools, and our trips into town to visit the library and Publix, who has time for anything else? Well, at least we make time each day for a little craft time, giving me an hour or so to make a dent in my pile of pictures! 

  I am just so proud of Kaitlyn for staying on top of her school work and keeping her spirits up. It's got to be hard stuck with her mother for a whole month and only having extra playmates on the weekends, when family comes to visit us. Once we have returned home, Kaitlyn will see her doctor to see if the ocean breeze has helped her lung function. I can't quite tell if she is doing better or not. She says her chest feels better. Though her cough isn't as bad as it was when we got down here, she is still coughing. But we still have 16 days to go to make a difference. And on the up side, her appetite has been great, which is crucial for CF kids!

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