Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stories of the Beach Life: Ch. 3 Lord of the Sand & Homeward Bound

  Lord of the Sand & Homeward Bound

     Each week, we look forward to the weekend, when our whole family can enjoy the beach together. This past weekend was the best. We finally had perfect weather for the full weekend.It was also the Annual National Shrimp Festival, bringing in a lot of vacationers. We went to check out the festivities. The kids loved the spider climb!

 James had the opportunity to brush up on his sandcastle building skills. He even learned how to make trees! The kids enjoyed helping him. I enjoyed basking in the sun, soaking up the rays! I have found that though I think I have patience (when it comes to my kids), I do not have enough patience when it comes to building anything out of sand. 

  Once our boys left to head back home, Kaitlyn developed her second ear ache. Swimmers ear? Ear infection? Don't know, but at least it didn't get as bad has her first ear ache. She did run a slight fever again, but once we administered rubbing alcohol for a few days, it finally cleared up. So, with that in mind, we went out and bought her a swim cap and ear plugs. Hopefully we can prevent another ear ache. 

  As our time here draws to a close,  we share mixed feelings. We will miss the bliss of a paradise existence, but we are very anxious to get back to our family and normal life. Has the beach helped her? I really don't know. She still has CF....she still coughs. She will see her specialist in four days to review the difference. Thanks for following our personal experiment at the beach. We will keep you posted.

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