Monday, October 6, 2014

Stories Of The Beach Life: Ch. 2 Taming of The Do

Kaitlyn's Hair Cut

Two weeks with this strong ocean breeze, Kaitlyn decides her hair is just too long. If I wasn't so frustrated with the daily dreadlocks and the daily tears when it comes to brushing her hair, I may have encouraged to keep the long locks. But when she suggested cutting it all off, I figured, Sure! Grab the scissors and the camera and let's get to cutting!

And what kid doesn't dream of giving their own hair cut? Luckily none of my kids have done severe damage to their hair with scissors in the past. With my supervision, I let Kaitlyn help with cutting her hair....she got to make the first cut.

Say cheese! She was so excited to be the one cutting off all that beautiful hair.


And the last cut.

After a little evening by her mother (luckily she has curly hair and no one will notice if it isn't even), she sported a new hair cut. Kaitlyn loved it right away!

Today, out on the town, Kaitlyn was so excited to show off her new do. She loved her short, curly pigtails!

Love DQ's new ice cream cupcakes!

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